All Faiths Vaccination Campaign

We collaborated with almost 50 entities to promote vaccination equity in underserved Philadelphia neighborhoods. Our work included comprehensive branding, a user-friendly landing page, and versatile marketing collateral, resulting in significant impact, including over 429K organic social media impressions, 8.1K website visits, and partnerships with 115 vaccination clinics.

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All Faiths Vaccination Campaign

Project Summary

The All Faiths Vaccination Campaign (AFVC) was an unprecedented collaboration between almost 50 diverse entities, including faith traditions, healthcare institutions, government officials, and civic leaders. The campaign aimed to promote vaccination equity in underserved neighborhoods in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Despite efforts to increase vaccination rates, communities of color faced numerous obstacles to accessing the vaccine. To address these challenges, the AFVC leveraged the power of faith traditions to improve community health outcomes.

The AFVC embarked on a bold mission with an ambitious timeline, seeking to vaccinate as many members of their respective communities as possible between the Memorial Day holiday and Juneteenth 2021. To achieve this goal, the AFVC partners recognized the importance of presenting a united front, working collaboratively to promote vaccination and combat vaccine hesitancy.

My Role

My primary responsibility in the project was to create and oversee the development of the campaign's branding strategy, which encompassed the design of a distinctive logo, selection of an appropriate color palette, and typography selection. Additionally, I was responsible for creating a landing page that would serve as a central hub for the campaign, as well as key marketing collateral that would be used to promote the AFVC's mission and goals. Through my work, I aimed to develop a visual identity for the campaign that would resonate with diverse audiences and effectively communicate the urgency of the AFVC's mission.

Logo Design

The logo design process prioritized simplicity, using holding hands as a symbol of unity rather than traditional medical iconography such as needles or the red cross. The selection of orange as the primary color was deliberate, as it evokes feelings of joy, determination, encouragement, and enthusiasm, all of which align with the AFVC's mission to bring communities together and promote vaccination equity. Through a thoughtful and intentional approach to logo design, we aimed to create a visual identity that would effectively communicate the AFVC's message and resonate with a broad range of audiences.

Social Media

My primary focus for the social media strategy was to monitor the campaign's mentions and engagement through the use of advanced analytical tools. In addition, I was responsible for crafting and curating social media posts that would resonate with diverse audiences, including content in both English and Spanish to accommodate the needs of various communities. Through thoughtful planning and execution, our social media strategy aimed to increase engagement and awareness of the AFVC's mission and ultimately contribute to achieving our goal of vaccination equity in underserved neighborhoods.

Landing Page

The landing page design process was focused on creating a user-friendly and informative online platform that would serve as a central hub for critical information related to vaccination locations and educational resources. To accomplish this, we opted for a one-page layout that was optimized for mobile devices, with a clean and simple design featuring large fonts and easy-to-digest paragraphs of educational information. Our design choices were carefully tailored to meet the needs of the AFVC's target audience of older generations, ensuring that the landing page would be accessible and informative for all visitors. Overall, our landing page design process aimed to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for visitors, supporting the AFVC's mission to promote vaccination equity in underserved communities.

Marketing Collateral

The marketing collateral design process focused on creating a range of visually appealing and versatile assets that could be utilized across a variety of promotional materials, including press conference backdrops, videos, and virtual backgrounds. We aimed to provide a wide range of designs that were easily accessible to our partnered organizations, empowering them to effectively communicate their involvement in the AFVC and distinguish themselves as part of this critical initiative. By providing a comprehensive suite of design assets, we aimed to support the AFVC's broader goals of increasing engagement and awareness of the campaign's mission and ultimately achieving vaccination equity in underserved communities.

Impact of Work

During the initial implementation period of May 25 to June 20, 2021, our work had a significant impact on promoting vaccination equity in underserved communities. Specifically, our efforts resulted in 429,300 organic social media impressions, and we received a total of 8,138 website visits, with 3,491 unique visitors. Our work also helped to promote the campaign's partnerships, with 115 vaccination clinics around Philadelphia displaying evidence of our collaboration. These metrics represent a tangible demonstration of the impact of our efforts, underscoring the effectiveness of our approach to branding, social media, and marketing collateral design.


"Will Careri was a vitally important resource to the All Faiths Vaccination Campaign who designed and facilitated its branding and active presence across essential media. He offered original complementary guidance on marketing and media and worked diligently to establish, service, and maintain AFVC’s suite of print and electronic collateral. Further Mr. Careri is personable and communicates effectively even when under pressure."

— Dr. Malcolm Byrd, Co-Chair of the All Faiths Vaccination Campaign