CASE the Vote

As part of the Congregations Affiliated to Strengthen Elections (C.A.S.E.) project, I developed the organization's brand identity, including a voting-focused logo and user-friendly website tailored to an older demographic. My efforts resulted in 2,011 unique website visits, 3,955 total website visits, and 7 media mentions from notable outlets during the initial implementation period of October 3 - November 3, 2020.

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CASE the Vote

Project Summary

C.A.S.E., an acronym for Congregations Affiliated to Strengthen Elections, is a distinguished nonpartisan nonprofit organization driven by a vital mission - to empower the Faith Community to effectively engage in the elections process by mobilizing their congregations and extended communities.

Established in 2020, C.A.S.E. recognized the urgency of developing their brand in a timely manner to align with the fast-approaching 2020 elections.

My Role

My responsibility for the project was to spearhead the development of the organization's brand identity, encompassing the creation of the logo, color palette, and typography, in addition to designing a website and key marketing collateral.

Logo Design

During the logo design process, my objective was to develop a visually compelling emblem that emphasized the significance of voting while diverging from the traditional red and blue color scheme. The rationale behind this was to convey a sense of bipartisanship, reflecting the diverse party affiliations of the congregations and their members.

Web Design

The website design process entailed catering to an older demographic of congregation members, necessitating a clear and user-friendly interface that provided simple navigation to each page. The website's design strategically placed essential information at the center of the viewer's attention or repeated it to ensure that visitors could easily access the information they sought without the need for an extensive search.

Marketing Collateral

The marketing collateral design process encompassed the development of a diverse range of designs suitable for usage in press conference backdrops, videos, virtual backgrounds, and other marketing materials. These designs were meticulously created and made readily available to organization members to ensure seamless access and utilization.

Impact of Work

The results of the campaign's initial implementation period, spanning from October 3 - November 3, 2020, yielded a total of 3,955 website visits, of which 2,011 were unique. Furthermore, the campaign garnered significant media attention, with 7 prominent mentions across media outlets such as CBS3 and WURD Radio.


"I have had the privilege of having Will Careri’s assistance in both the formation of our organization, and in its actual operations. Briefly put, Will is peerless. He has a sensitive eye for design and presentation, and he listens perceptively and constructively. He engages as part of the team, conscientiously assisting us in carrying out our mission. Besides his professional skills, Will has demonstrated that he is a person of integrity and conscience. It is a rare bonus to have someone serving in a consulting capacity that feels like… well, family. Will Careri is the recipient of both my trust and my highest endorsement."

Nick Taliaferro, Co-Founder of C.A.S.E. the Vote