As their branding specialist, I crafted Novah's striking wolf monogram and branding guidelines, reflecting the brand's values of innovation, sophistication, and professionalism. Novah's data analysis technology empowers sales teams to work together as a cohesive unit, streamlining sales team management for efficient and effective business growth.

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About the Client

Introducing Novah, a cutting-edge software solution designed to revolutionize the way you manage your sales team. With Novah at your disposal, you can say goodbye to the tedious task of conducting daily huddles and constantly monitoring your employees. Leveraging the latest in data analysis technology, Novah seamlessly integrates with your team's workflow to provide a comprehensive overview of their performance.

My Role

I was enlisted to spearhead the development of Novah's brand identity, encompassing the creation of a captivating logo and brand guidelines. Drawing on my wealth of experience, I worked closely with Novah's leadership team to craft a brand image that resonates with their core values and aligns with their strategic vision.

Central to the brand's identity is a striking wolf mascot, symbolizing the unity and cohesion of a pack, precisely what Novah's innovative software solution aims to achieve for sales teams. The creative process involved extensive market research and collaboration with the client to ensure the brand's visual representation reflects the essence of Novah's mission.

With a focus on delivering excellence and achieving tangible results, I led the brand development initiative with unwavering commitment and professionalism, resulting in a distinctive and compelling brand identity that sets Novah apart from the competition.

Logo Design

I undertook the task of crafting the primary and alternate logo design lock-up for Novah, allowing for unparalleled flexibility in diverse marketing, advertising, and other brand identity applications.

With careful consideration and a deep understanding of the brand's values and strategic vision, I created a visually stunning logo that comprises both the brand name and a distinctive wolf monogram. The incorporation of the wolf monogram is a nod to Novah's commitment to fostering team unity and cohesion, making it a fitting and memorable symbol for the brand.

Furthermore, I crafted a standalone wolf monogram logo that is used across various applications, including the website, application, business cards, and other marketing materials. This design choice enhances the brand's visual identity and reinforces the wolf as a recognizable and powerful symbol of Novah's mission.

Throughout the logo design process, I maintained open communication and collaboration with the client to ensure every aspect of the design aligned with their vision and met their expectations. The result is a visually stunning and versatile logo design that positions Novah for success and resonates with their target audience.

Typography & Color Palette

The font 'Thicccboi' is a bold, modern, and easily recognizable typeface that aligns with Novah's values of innovation and forward-thinking. The font's thick, chunky letters add a strong and authoritative visual appeal to the brand, which perfectly complements Novah's mission to empower sales teams to work together as a cohesive unit.

The chosen color palette of #5F2EEA, #343444, and #13111A is a blend of rich, dark hues that exude sophistication and elegance. The purple shade of #5F2EEA connotes royalty, luxury, and creativity, which relates to Novah's commitment to providing cutting-edge software solutions for sales teams. The shades of black and deep navy blue add depth and balance to the palette, evoking a sense of authority, stability, and professionalism.

Together, the font and color palette perfectly align with Novah's brand values, mission, and target audience, enhancing the brand's visual identity and establishing a strong and memorable brand image.