As a columnist and part of the core editorial team, I provided professional assistance and consult for the Nightingale Team in developing Issue 3 of their print magazine. Nightingale is the journal for the Data Visualization Society, the leading community of data visualization professionals, students and enthusiasts.

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Project Summary

Guidelines, rules, best practices, dos and don’ts—whatever you call them, whatever you think they entail, everyone, it seems, has an opinion about how they fit into the world of dataviz. Maybe you love rules. Maybe you believe rules are made to be broken (or don’t believe in them at all) - this issue puts it all out there so you can decide for yourself!

Issue 3 of Nightingale provided much more than articles for data visualization professionals on the theme of guidelines, and I had the privilege of being part of the team to put it all together.

My Role

After contributing regularly as a writer for Nightingale since March 2022, I was brought on as a columnist in January 2023 along with a role on the Core Editorial Team. My role on the team was to assist in the development of the Nightingale print publication, starting with Issue 3.

I met with the team weekly to go over logistics, content selection, design feedback, editorial responsibilities and more.

In the end, in addition to having one of my own pieces featured in the print publication, I assisted in helping to fulfill the overall vision of the magazine, set forth by the Core Editorial Team.

Magazine Content

In this issue:

1. Why Rules Contradict Each Other by Lisa Charlotte Muth
2. Tools, Not Rules by Moritz Stefaner
3. Make the Important Visible by Zan Armstrong
4. Dear Nightingale: Raveling Data by India Johnson
5. Five Reflections on Data Journalism by Marco Hernandez
6. Crypto-Knitting Circles by Bettina Nissen
7. 12-page special feature on accessibility for dataviz with Emily Barone, Frank Elavsky, Jaime Tanner, Johny Cassidy, and Ben Willers
8. Career tooltips with feature essays by Jon Schwabish, Stephanie Evergreen, and Shira Feder

Plus recurring features Three Questions With, Dataviz Horror Stories, Early Career Corner, Reviews, and—a new feature—Dear Dr. Data!

...And much, much more!

Additional Information

Editor-in-Chief - Jason Forrest
Managing Editor - Emily Barone
Content Editor - Claire Santoro
Creative Director - Julie Brunet


All images in this case study were provided by Julie Brunet