As the content creation committee chair of the Marching Arts Access Safety and Inclusion Network (MAASIN), I provided professional assistance and consult for the MAASIN website. This followed an organization-wide rebrand, in which I assisted in the development of marketing collateral.

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Project Summary

The Marching Arts Access, Safety, and Inclusion Network (MAASIN) coordinates a collective voice to address safety, accessibility, inclusivity, and equity in the marching arts. They advocate for the needs of our diverse performer population, especially the needs of historically excluded and underrepresented groups. They advocate for safe, reasonable, and comfortable working conditions for staff including increased protection from wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination. They strongly oppose all forms of inequity, discrimination, and harassment.

After a complete redesign of their brand, including logo and marketing collateral, a need for a new, modern website was needed.

My Role

In 2021, I had the privilege of becoming a part of MAASIN as a dedicated member. Not long thereafter, I embraced the responsibility of leading the Content Creation Committee, a vital unit tasked with conceptualizing, crafting, and disseminating communications that effectively reached a broader audience.

I played a pivotal role in refining the brand identity of MAASIN, actively contributing to the finalization of the branding guidelines that encapsulated the choice of fonts, color schemes, and logo variations. My involvement in the development of the MAASIN logo was substantial, where I meticulously worked towards creating a visual representation that resounded with the values and mission of the organization.

Taking my commitment a step further, I spearheaded the website development initiative, employing Adobe Illustrator to design a well-structured wireframe that would serve as the blueprint for the site. This process seamlessly transitioned to the construction phase where I utilized the capabilities of Squarespace to build a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly platform. This endeavor was a testament to my comprehensive approach in enhancing the organization's digital presence, laying a robust foundation for its online outreach and engagement initiatives.


The brand identity was conscientiously developed to resonate with the core ethos of MAASIN, intricately intertwining elements that echo the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQIA+ community. A harmonious pastel color palette was chosen, featuring varying shades of pinks and purples, punctuated gracefully with a fresh mint accent, adding both a serene and invigorating touch to the visual identity. In juxtaposition, a robust grey tone serves as a striking contrast, grounding the palette with a bold, authoritative presence.

Attention to accessibility was a guiding principle in the selection of header and H2 fonts, prioritizing user-friendly serif types that are not only free to download but also create a stunning visual impact against the soft pastel backgrounds. This careful consideration ensures a seamless, inclusive, and engaging user experience.

Furthermore, the design of the logo underwent a meticulous process, resulting in multiple variations that complement each other beautifully. One such variation is monochromatic, offering the flexibility to blend seamlessly into any background without losing its distinctive appeal. Meanwhile, the simplified version distills the essence of the brand by focusing on its recognizable graphic elements, foregoing the full title for a more streamlined appearance. Lastly, the title variation dispenses with the diamond motif, providing an optimal layout for horizontal merchandise and a myriad of other marketing materials.


In the heart of the MAASIN digital experience lies our website - a testament to grace in simplicity, designed to accentuate the core messages and values of our organization. As you navigate through the carefully crafted pages, you'll notice an intuitive layout that effortlessly guides you through a wealth of information, narratives, and opportunities to engage with us.

One of our central principles during the design phase was to facilitate seamless navigation, an objective realized through the conspicuous placement of navigation elements both at the top and bottom of each page. This thoughtful approach ensures that visitors can smoothly traverse the site, always finding their way to the content and information that resonate most with them.

As you delve deeper, you will be greeted by imagery that embodies tranquility and aesthetic appeal. Each image has been selected to complement, rather than overshadow, the core messaging, thus crafting a visual narrative that resonates with the spirit of MAASIN. These visual elements play a significant role in fostering a connection with our audience, weaving a tapestry that is both harmonious and impactful.

At the heart of our digital space, a significant emphasis has been placed on encouraging contributions that propel our mission forward. Like many non-profits, our primary call to action invites you to donate, fueling the initiatives that lie at the heart of MAASIN. However, it also serves as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable work carried out by the organization, fostering a community of recognition and appreciation.

Additional Credit

The original design of the MAASIN logo was designed by J. Ho