F.R.E.D. App

I played a key role in developing FRED's UX and design strategy, leveraging a data-driven approach and user testing to create an app that successfully connected food truck enthusiasts with unique and exciting culinary experiences. My work resulted in a versatile and impactful brand identity that positioned FRED as a leading solution in the food truck space.

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F.R.E.D. App

Project Summary

FRED (Food Ready, Endless Destinations) is a mobile application that addresses the needs of cities seeking a centralized database of all the food trucks operating within their respective areas. The app offers users the convenience of creating personalized profiles, where they can explore an extensive selection of culinary options, bookmark their favorite trucks for future reference, and interact with friends to exchange valuable recommendations.

With a comprehensive menu database and hours of operation, FRED empowers users to locate their desired food trucks with ease. Moreover, the app provides information on additional locations that food trucks might be visiting, making it an invaluable tool for individuals with an insatiable appetite for unique and exciting food experiences.

FRED's innovative approach to food truck tracking is a testament to its ability to bridge the gap between technology and culinary indulgence. By providing users with an immersive and user-friendly interface, FRED is an app that satisfies both the taste buds and the tech-savvy.

My Role

As a consultant for FRED, my primary role involved facilitating a comprehensive range of operations, including research and UX design. I was entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring a seamless development process for the UX plan while providing insightful guidance on marketing strategies.

However, my most prominent contribution to the campaign was crafting the logo and branding for FRED. I leveraged my expertise and creativity to design a distinctive and visually appealing brand identity that resonated with FRED's target audience. My design choices were carefully curated to align with FRED's values, messaging, and mission, creating a cohesive and impactful brand image.

Overall, my involvement in FRED's campaign was critical to its success. Through my contributions to the research, UX design, and branding efforts, I helped position FRED as a compelling and innovative solution for food truck enthusiasts seeking unparalleled culinary experiences.

Logo Design

The development of FRED's logo was a carefully curated process, aimed at creating a versatile and adaptable brand identity that would effectively resonate with its target audience. To achieve this goal, I employed a meticulous approach to designing the primary and alternate logo design lock-up, ensuring maximum flexibility for marketing, advertising, and other brand identity applications.

The FRED logo is icon-based, showcasing three crucial aspects of the brand: food, messaging, and location-based functionality. The hamburger bun icon symbolizes the food element of the brand, while the speech bubble icon represents its messaging focus. The overall pin shape serves as a representation of the brand's location-based functionality.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of FRED's values and mission, I crafted a visually stunning logo that captures the essence of the brand in a single, powerful image. The end result is a distinctive and memorable brand identity that effectively communicates FRED's unique value proposition to its target audience.

User Flow

My approach to developing the user flow for FRED was grounded in a user-centric philosophy that prioritized ease of use, functionality, and intuitive navigation. To achieve this, I employed a data-driven approach that involved identifying the most common tasks that the target user would perform on the app.

Using this information, I created a user flow that mapped out the various steps and actions required to accomplish these tasks. Each step in the user flow was carefully crafted to ensure that it aligned with FRED's values, messaging, and mission while delivering a seamless and satisfying user experience.

Overall, my approach to developing the user flow for FRED was designed to empower users to engage with the app in a way that felt natural and intuitive, leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

App Design

To bring FRED's user flow to life, I employed a design process that was both iterative and user-focused. Beginning with wireframing, I visualized the app's key features and functionality, seeking to create a clean, intuitive interface that would simplify the user experience.

Given the complexity of FRED's functionality, one of the key challenges was striking a balance between providing users with comprehensive information while avoiding overwhelming or cluttering the interface. To achieve this goal, I employed a minimalist approach to design, utilizing simple navigation and clear icons on the homepage and additional path pages.

Through rigorous user testing, we validated the success of our approach, with users consistently praising the clarity and ease-of-use of the interface. Overall, my design process was guided by a commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, one that would position FRED as a leading solution for food truck enthusiasts.

User Testing

As part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience, we conducted a comprehensive usability testing phase midway through the project. Working with a select group of avid food truck visitors in the Portland, Oregon area, we sought to gather vital feedback that would inform the development of the app prototype.

Over a period of three weeks, we conducted extensive testing, leveraging the insights of a carefully selected group of users who aligned with FRED's target audience. By focusing on attracting already-avid food truck visitors, rather than converting non-food truck users, we were able to obtain clean, targeted feedback on how users planned to interact with the app in the future.

This feedback was used to refine the app prototype, ensuring that it delivered a user experience that was both intuitive and effective. By incorporating user feedback into our development process, we were able to optimize the app's functionality, creating a powerful tool that met the needs of food truck enthusiasts and positioned FRED as a leading solution in this space.

Project Takeaways

Upon completion of my tenure with FRED, the app had successfully launched and was showing promising signs of success. While my contract had expired before the app's official launch, I had contributed significantly to the UX and design strategy that continued to be implemented by the team I managed.

Through a data-driven and user-centric approach, we developed a powerful brand identity and intuitive user experience that resonated with FRED's target audience. By leveraging user feedback to inform our development process, we created an app that delivered on its promise of connecting food truck enthusiasts with unique and exciting culinary experiences.

Overall, my time with FRED was marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation. By working collaboratively with FRED's team, I was able to develop and implement strategies that positioned the app as a leading solution in the food truck space, delivering a user experience that was both powerful and engaging.


"William provided invaluable guidance and support to the FRED team during his time with us. His expertise expanded well beyond what he was initially contracted for and it was a pleasure to see him work in all aspects of the creative process. I highly recommend him to anyone in search of a world class, all-in-one communications expert in the highest possible terms."

— Lilah Tufts, Founder of the F.R.E.D. App