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I led a successful communications campaign for the Science History Institute's "Downstream" exhibit in Philadelphia. Through targeted outreach and compelling messaging, we secured 11 media mentions and a sold-out opening night, generating significant buzz and excitement around the launch.

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Science History Institute

Project Summary

The Science History Institute is a venerable institution dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge about the fascinating history of science. As part of its ongoing efforts to educate and inspire audiences, the Institute's renowned Museum proudly unveiled its latest exhibit, "Downstream," on September 14, 2021. This captivating and thought-provoking showcase offers a nuanced and illuminating exploration of the United States' water history over the past two centuries. With a diverse audience in mind, from inquisitive college students to seasoned science professionals and academics, "Downstream" is sure to engage and enlighten all who enter its doors.

My Role

I was entrusted with a critical mission: to strategically secure optimal media coverage and bolster engagement across Philadelphia for the Science History Institute's latest exhibit and the Institute itself. With a keen eye for detail and a deft touch when it comes to crafting compelling narratives, I approached this challenge with creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of the media landscape. Drawing on my wealth of experience in public relations and marketing, I developed and executed a targeted outreach campaign that leveraged the latest tactics and technologies to reach key stakeholders and amplify the Institute's message to a wider audience. The results speak for themselves: robust media hits, heightened community engagement, and a deeper appreciation for the Science History Institute's vital contributions to our understanding of the world around us.

Approach and Key Messaging

In order to maximize the impact of the Science History Institute's latest exhibit, "Downstream," I took a two-pronged approach to the unveiling event. Firstly, I organized a media-only preview, which afforded local reporters exclusive access to the exhibit before it opened to the general public. This ensured ample opportunities for capturing stunning photos, compelling videos, and insightful interviews with key personalities involved in the exhibit. The second part of the unveiling was the opening night itself, which was designed to generate buzz and excitement around the exhibit's themes and objectives.

To effectively communicate the exhibit's unique value proposition and its broader relevance to the community, I crafted a series of targeted press releases and media advisories. These communications emphasized "Downstream" as a fun, engaging, and highly educational exhibit that seeks to deepen our collective appreciation and understanding of the vital role that water plays in our lives. Furthermore, the messaging drew explicit connections between the exhibit's themes and the rich cultural and historical legacy of the City of Philadelphia, thereby underscoring the relevance of "Downstream" to local audiences.

Impact of Work

The strategic communications campaign I designed and implemented for the Science History Institute's "Downstream" exhibit yielded impressive results. Through meticulous planning and execution, we secured 11 high-profile media mentions across a range of respected publications, including The Philadelphia Inquirer, WHYY, and VisitPhilly. These placements helped generate significant buzz and excitement around the exhibit, increasing its visibility and reach throughout the Philadelphia community and beyond.

In addition, the opening night of the exhibit was a resounding success, with a sold-out crowd of 150 visitors in attendance. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19 restrictions, the event was expertly managed and executed, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees. This strong turnout is a testament to the effectiveness of our targeted outreach efforts, which helped build anticipation and enthusiasm among audiences in advance of the exhibit's launch. Overall, the campaign exceeded expectations and achieved its primary objectives of driving media coverage and increasing engagement with the Science History Institute and its invaluable contributions to the world of science.



"William produced excellent work for the Science History Institute with the opening of our museum's Downstream exhibit. His efforts in public relations including the press preview, private and public openings, brought media coverage and attendance well beyond what we had anticipated. In addition, he was creative, flexible, diligent, professional, and personable. I look forward to working with him again."

— Lisa A. Grissom, Associate Vice President of Development and External Relations at the Science History Institute