I executed a successful digital marketing and branding campaign for Sensit, driving 85 beta testers, 2,100 website visits, and 6,942 organic social media impressions during the initial implementation period.

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Project Summary

Sensit is a revolutionary mindfulness solution that aims to transform the way users experience everyday life. As a cutting-edge app, Sensit stands apart from traditional meditation applications by offering a truly unique experience. Our innovative smartphone app integrates advanced features that empower users to journalize and record their experiences like never before, fostering a heightened sense of mindfulness and self-awareness. Through our platform, users are provided with a comprehensive suite of tools to help them achieve greater focus, clarity, and inner peace. Discover the transformative power of Sensit today and embark on a journey towards a more mindful and fulfilling life.

My Role

I was entrusted with developing and executing a comprehensive social media-focused marketing strategy aimed at driving app downloads and maximizing user engagement during the launch phase. In addition, I was also responsible for spearheading a complete rebranding effort, which included the design and development of a new logo, website, and brand guidelines. This involved working closely with the internal creative team and external vendors to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand identity was established across all touchpoints. By leveraging my expertise in marketing and branding, I successfully delivered a comprehensive marketing plan and rebranding initiative that helped position the app for long-term success.

Logo Design

In conceptualizing the Sensit logo, I took a mindful approach that aligned with the brand's overarching mission of promoting mindfulness and attunement to the five senses. With a focus on creating a calming and fluid visual identity, I utilized design elements that embody the brand's core values of tranquility and harmony. The color palette was carefully chosen to provide a sense of calmness while offering visual contrast for a range of applications. Overall, the logo design process was informed by a deep understanding of Sensit's brand ethos and was executed with a meticulous attention to detail. The result is a stunning visual identity that encapsulates the brand's core values and effectively communicates its message to users.

Social Media

In developing Sensit's social media strategy, I identified Instagram and LinkedIn as the primary platforms for engaging with target audiences. With a keen focus on driving app downloads and attracting investors, we leveraged Instagram as a key channel for cultivating a community of users, with a specific emphasis on creating compelling visual content that aligned with the brand's mission and values. LinkedIn, on the other hand, was leveraged as a business-focused platform for sharing regular updates on company developments and engaging with potential investors and industry thought leaders. Through a data-driven approach that prioritized user engagement and strategic content creation, we successfully established a strong social media presence for Sensit, positioning the brand for long-term growth and success.


As part of Sensit's digital marketing strategy, the website was developed with the primary goal of converting visitors into app beta testers. A single-page design was implemented, featuring a compelling narrative that effectively communicated the app's unique value proposition and functionality. The website also highlighted the expertise and experience of the team behind the app, building trust and credibility with potential beta testers. A streamlined sign-up process was integrated, making it easy and intuitive for visitors to register as beta testers and receive early access to the app. Through a data-driven approach that prioritized user experience and engagement, the Sensit website was optimized for maximum conversion, resulting in a high number of beta tester sign-ups and increased app downloads.

Marketing Strategy

As part of Sensit's overall marketing strategy, a key objective was to build a strong community of users around the app launch. To achieve this goal, we implemented a targeted outreach strategy that focused on engaging with relevant communities on Reddit, including mental health and travel subreddits. Leveraging our deep understanding of Sensit's target audience, which primarily consisted of health and wellness-focused millennials interested in travel, we were able to successfully establish a strong presence on Reddit and cultivate a passionate community of early adopters. By implementing a data-driven approach that emphasized audience engagement and strategic content creation, we effectively positioned Sensit as a leading player in the competitive mindfulness app market, driving increased app downloads and user engagement.

Impact of Work

During the campaign's initial implementation period from December 23, 2020 to January 24, 2021, we achieved significant success in our digital marketing and outreach efforts. Through a targeted strategy that emphasized organic outreach and audience engagement, we successfully obtained 85 beta testers, showcasing the high level of interest and engagement generated by the campaign. In addition, our website achieved a total of 2,144 unique visits and 3,518 total visits, demonstrating the effectiveness of our website design and content strategy in driving user engagement. Our social media outreach efforts also proved successful, generating 6,942 organic impressions and effectively positioning Sensit as a leading player in the mindfulness app market. These impressive results demonstrate the impact of our data-driven approach and strategic execution, setting the stage for continued success and growth for the Sensit brand.


"Winning William for Sensit was a lucky shot. He didn’t only contribute with passion, dedication, proactivity, and reliability, but also with a great, holistic knowledge in marketing. He helped us build a brand from scratch and it was a true pleasure working with him."

Katharina Mueller, Founder of Sensit